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College Daze Radio Show

I have been a part of a weekly online radio show that airs from Rhino Studios in St. Petersburg, Florida. It is hosted by Mark Lombardi-Nelson, Joey Catalano and Taylor Upchurch. I have been working on their social media and kind of the “unofficial” honorary fourth member and make guest appearances on the show. All of the hosts are current college students and the show is meant to talk about the best and worst parts of college. The show is very entertaining, a lot of fun and has a pretty good amount of listeners. It has been averaging at about over a 1,000 listeners per week from all around the world.

The live recording of the show happens at Rhino Studios on Central Avenue in St. Petersburg. In the back of the studios, Rhino has their own station called Rhino on Air which has shows that are hosted from people in the community. Joey met the one of the owners of Rhino Studios and pitched him the idea and after a very successful pilot, the show starting making its mark in the Rhino on Air.

The show begins with the word and phrase of the day that is taken from a website and discussed among the three. Joey is usually pretty blunt about what he has to say and usually has the unique extreme opinion that will ignite conversation. Mark seems to have more of a general opinion that will lighten the mood. Taylor represents a strong side but breaks down conversation very well.

Each week the show features a live musical guest or a panel to give their opinions. The musical guests range from acoustic guitar players who sing to rappers who perform over their own beats they made. Usually each guest is from the local area, but they have had one guest stop by from Colorado when she was in town.

The show will make you laugh, think, criticize and learn from the discussions about life during the time of college. Listeners who are currently in college will learn new stuff to do while graduates will reminisce about a period where their youth was ignited.

The lighting in the studio is pretty simple and I love how the walls are painted green. I can usually get some really nice shots without ever using flash and I post them on the facebook page for College Daze.

The tagline for Rhino on Air is “For the arts, by the arts” that is painted on a board and sat next to the studio so everyone who is on the air can see. The studio is also pretty intriguing with some creative designs such as guitars sticking out of the walls and will catch someone’s eye.

You can listen to College Daze every Thursday at 4:00 p.m. at http://www.rhinoonair.com and can visit their facebook page here.

Behind the studios.

The lovely Taylor Upchurch from College Daze.

Guitars sticking out.

The whole crew.


Wrong Way Skate

Kettle Corn

I love the Saturday Morning Market in Downtown St. Petersburg. Fresh and home made just about anything you can think of. Whenever I go though, I always run into the Kettle Corn people. At first I think “sounds good, but I am fine,” but this guy has a bag and a scoop and offers free samples! I have to say, I always fall for the sample and walk away with a bag. The are too good!

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