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Amazon 5000

I got to meet the videographer of this amazing project that is going to happen, called The Amazon 5000. The project features Mickey, who is a melanoma cancer survivor who desires to push his body to new goals. The expedition will start from Ecuador and be a 5000 mile hike all the way across the Andes Mountains and the Amazon Jungle to the ends of Brazil.

This last Saturday there was an opportunity to meet Mickey at Frescos by the Pier and the whole crew along with fun festivities and giveaways! The event began at 11:00 a.m. and went until 7:00 p.m.

I got really motivated after meeting Matt Saxman, the lead videographer for the travels, to start really getting into film. I have been saving up money to get my new DSLR which will also have video capabilities. The one that I am currently looking at is the Nikon D5100 and hopefully I will get the 18 – 105 mm lens with it as well.

Nikon D5100

The idea of having a camera filming right up next to all of the action that is happening, especially in extreme situations, is the best way to grab the best footage and create amazing content. Although the quality of videos is very important, I feel that content will over ride the quality any day of the week. Going on an adventure like the Amazon 5000 is something that I would only dream of doing one day in my life and documenting all of it through a great quality video camera. It all had to start somewhere, and first I need to raise the needed funds to get there!

Be sure to like the Amazon 5000 on facebook here.

If you can’t make it to their fundraisers or just want to help the cause for the cure! You can donate right here!

Check out their website and be sure to watch the trailer as well!

Article by Danny McDonald


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