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The St. Petersburg Pier



So many guitars to pick from…


Mighty Mongo Bass

Alex Card, bassist and lead singer of St. Petersburg band, Mighty Mongo. Kickin back and relaxing at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg on a sunny beautiful day. We love watching and having Mighty Mongo perform anywhere in the Tampa Bay area. Be sure to like their facebook page here!


Nancy and an English Springer Spaniel



Yesterday, Jannus Live in St. Petersburg, Florida hosted a free reggae show featuring Passafire. It is part of the Free Reggae Sunday series that Jannus Live is currently doing. Every Sunday will be featured a free reggae show. Be sure to check it out! I was there on behalf of St. Pete Sociabulls. Blog review soon to come!Image

Bob Dylan


Ramblin Man

Lord I was born a ramblin man. But these records live on. Image

Bananas Records


Florida Sunglasses


Kringle Straight from Wisconsin

My roommate did a road trip with his younger brother all the way to Wisconsin to visit family but mainly to go get his favorite dessert. This is kringle straight from Wisconsin. There are tons of different flavors and they are delicious. Think of it like a flat pastry, icing on top and flavor filling inside shaped as a flat doughnut.


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